Ceylon Tea

Around the globe, tea is the most consumed beverage next to water. Ceylon Tea became world famous ever since it was introduced by the British tea farmers in the 17th century. After the British colonization of Sri Lanka, many farmers from Britain flocked to Sri Lanka to open large commercial plantations in Sri Lanka because the climate and terrain of the land were ideal for farming. First it was coffee and after coffee was wiped out by a blight, they went for Tea from seeds brought from Assam India. The first tea plantations were opened in the central hills of Sri Lanka by a Scottish planter named James Tailor in the year 1867 who was later knighted for pioneering the tea cultivation in Sri Lanka which made many tea farmers rich as Ceylon Tea was the finest in the world! Even after 150 years, Ceylon Tea is still considered the best and most unique in quality and flavor!


We developed direct open relationships with producers in India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Taiwan, and China, allowing us to monitor the process, and source the freshest teas for the company. 

We facilitate the tea to be delivered to our warehouse within 21 to 28 days from the time of plucking. (The typical industry duration being 6 months.)

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